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Billion year old soul awakening in the third dimension.

The Eternal Cycle by Lou Majors

The Eternal Cycle Lou Majors Fractal Art by Rodrigo Siqueira . . Existence is ALWAYS PRESENT It was not CREATED and It cannot be DESTROYED The raw truth is Existence is indestructible energy which oscillates between an active and a … Continue reading

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Get An Encyclopedia Of Information In One eBook!

AWAKE: The Dreamer Awakes To Primary Consciousness NOW a book! Multidimensional exploration, shifting to alternative event streams and parallel universes, overcoming space and time to live as a Supreme Being. Does that sound like a sci-fi fantasy? Something for the … Continue reading

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The Eternal Cycle

THE ETERNAL CYCLE is Lou Majors theory of existence published in 1999. THE ETERNAL CYCLE reconciles our current objective experience and all changes we experience as objects, people, and events with the always present behavior and nature of existence or … Continue reading

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